Eric Uzar

NFTArtistsJandE -- Meet Eric Uzar, the Mixed Media Artist

meet nftartistsjande eric uzar mixed media artist
nftartistsjande eric uzar mixed media

Eric is a creative mind and an old artistic soul. Each detail he adds to his paintings comes to life using fire, airflow, and mixed media elements that he adds to his canvas. Eric's dream is to be known for his artistic talents and continue thriving in the art business, learn from other creators and canvas painters, and sculpt later in life. He has a true passion for learning different artistic techniques that expands beyond and will take him far. Mostly creating outdoors, he feels closer to God and nature.

Eric likes to mix it up a bit regarding his art style.  He is a canvas painter at heart, but he has dived into the world of Surrealism. See some of his art pieces below.


the rose knight foundation
saturn planet nft eric uzar