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Hello! Potato People Comics!

Hey Everyone! I'm the comical kid Joey Uzar, 13 y/o NFT Artist, graphic artist, and founder of the Adventures of The Potato People TM. You will always find me with a drawing pad and pencil in hand.

Sketching out my new characters for Potato People Comics. NFTS was up & coming, and my interest is ART, so I eventually combined the two passions.

How did I name them?  Well, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck, right?  Each character looks like a well-drawn white potato with google eyes and sticks for hands and feet.

Each potato character came from my imagination. I created this family of SPUDS for all to enjoy. If you need a laugh then come visit this site anytime.

It's my hope that they make you smile.


Joseph-Uzar, NFT ARTIST


The Potato People will be a series of cartoon character NFTs who are a part of the greater good of adventurous comics called Adventures of The Potato People. Join them on their adventures!  You'll encounter adventurous characters that you'll grow to love! From The Navigator and his trusty jet pack to Dad potato, he gets stuck with babysitting his kids a lot but takes them into fairytale lands to fight dragons.

The Mission of The Potato People:

This project funds future physically printed comic books, graphic novels, and more.

Palm Trees
Giraffe Fun Zoon

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